Summer of Code - Days 20 - 31


I realize that I haven't posted an update on ietfnotify in a while but I felt that it was more important to spend more time focusing on the code than writing about focusing on the code. I've made quite a bit of progress toward adding a bit of polish to the daemon and web interface and am getting ready to start implementing a templating system for notifications.

I have moved almost every aspect of the notification data into the database to aid in more automated operation. New fields will now be detected automatically and added to the database where they can be marked as hidden or visible to users of the web interface for setting up filters. This allows us to add new fields to the notification format at any time without any maintenance to the notifier application.

Debugging is now much easier with a log module. I will later implement syslog through Python's builtin logging module for general operation. I moved some of the formatting code for various notification types into a new message module that will later be replaced with the templating system.

After evaluating a few possible options for templating, I have narrowed it down to Django's template system. It seems to be the easiest to work with under the circumstances. I attempted to implement a Python dict formatting based approach but it just isn't flexible enough for some of the things we need to do. Not until Python 3000.

I am no longer committing new code to my local repository but am instead committing directly to the subversion repository on the SourceForge servers. Henrik and I have come up with a rough schedule for the remaining eight weeks of the Summer of Code and I am confident that I can complete the project in that timeframe.

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