Summer of Code - Days 16 - 19


The notifier is now available as an open alpha release. You will need to have an account on the IETF Tools site. You can register here. Once you've registered and verified your email address, you can login to the notifier web interface and set up your notifications. Please do not rely on the notifier at the moment. This is an alpha quality program, take it for what it's worth.

SourceForge has approved the ietfnotify project and I've moved my development infrastructure to the SourceForge servers. The subversion repository is available through SourceForge now and I will continue doing all development in that repository. My repository here on CSH will remain for a while but I will no longer continue active development on it.

In terms of development efforts, I spent a bit of time last night tightening up the security of the web app, eliminating a few SQL injection holes and a few other possible problems.

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