Summer of Code - Day 15


Good news! The web interface is done, subscriptions have been moved into a database, and the notification daemon is now completely modular. I didn't sleep much last night and got quite a bit of good code out of it.

I'm planning to open up the web interface for some beta testing sometime next week so you can look forward to that. Still waiting for SourceForge to approve the project... Their site shows that it's been in the queue for six business days, double the estimate of three days given on the submission page.

I decided to make the notification daemon a bit more modular after my experiences with building the web interface. I find that it's easier to maintain, debug, and add to existing code when it's split into smaller pieces. I built the various components of the daemon into a Python package called "notify". I'm trying to keep in mind that I may want to use this code for other projects in the future, so having things modular will also make it easier to steal bits and pieces.

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