Summer of Code - Day 02


I spent most of the morning talking to my mentor, Henrik Levkowetz about various project details. We've decided on a notification format loosely based on RFC2822. I'll be writing up a detailed specification in the next few days, then it's time to start in on implementation.

There are suggestions of Summer of Code meetups floating around the Summer-Accepted-2006 list. At this point, it looks like the closest one to me will be at the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA. Not sure if I'll be able to get there, but we'll see.

I also got my Jabber server up and running this afternoon. Feel free to IM me at xmpp:synack >at< If you're still on AIM, I have a transport setup so that people that already have my screenname can contact me, but I will no longer be giving this out as a form of contact. This is my way of saying "Get a real messenger."

This post

has also inspired me to build a seven-segment hex editor for an EEPROM. I plan to then connect the EEPROM to an older microcontroller (perhaps a 6800) and learn the instruction set. Unfortunately, I have neither the time or money to implement such a project right now, so this project has been effectively shelved.

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