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I've been researching alternate firmware for my Linksys WRT54Gv2 wireless router. When I first got the router I did some searching but it seemed that nobody was able to get anything working on the v2 series. I ended up just sticking with the Linksys firmware and I have been using that up until now. Anyway, in the course of my research I ended up typing WRT54Gv2 Linux into Google and noticed that my systems page was listed number 10 on the first page of the results. This gives me some motivation to actually put something useful on this website.

Last week I got to play around in the server room all day. I moved a couple of servers around the rack and installed a new one. The new one will be used as a CVS server for keeping track of all of our administrative scripts and configuration files while we beta test the new version of WebCT. I got to build the new server myself. After learning how to use an Alpha bootstrapper I proceeded to install OpenBSD. I kind of glazed through the install (big mistake) and had a fresh system up very quickly. This was also partially due to the fact that we already had all the OpenBSD packages available on the LAN. 50 MB/s downloads are sweet :P

So, as I alluded to earlier, I made a mistake during the install. I never created a swap partition. Granted, this shouldn't be a big problem because it will be a very low demand machine and has 512 MB of memory (plenty for CVS) so it will probably never touch the swap space but this still makes it unstable. We'll live with it though.

Tomorrow morning at 5:00 AM we're taking our primary SAN offline so that we can install a new Alpha on top of it in the rack. The SAN has to go down as well because it will be directly connected to the new Alpha which will be running our Banner database from now on. That's why we needed to move things around the rack in the first place, to make room for this big-ass Alpha.

Over the weekend I rebuilt my Windows Server as an OpenBSD system. I enjoyed it thouroughly. The only real problem that I ran into was that when I FTPed all of my music back on to it I ended up with %20 in all of the directory names where there should have been spaces. This was cool though because it gave me a reason to learn to use for loops in bash script. After stumping my UNIX professor with the problem for a while I got it working and have put a copy of the fixspaces script here.

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