pynewspaper updates


I've updated pynewspaper with some new code to eliminate the need for the script. I didn't like the dependence on an external script to begin with and felt that the program could benefit from the advantages of threading on a per-page basis as well as per-feed. Simply untar the source and run "python feeds/" from within the source directory. All of the default feed pages in the feeds/ directory will be built. If you want to customize your feeds, create a new directory and place a text file with a list of URLs in it for each page you want to create. You will need to manually update header.res if you want the correct links to be reflected on the resultant pages. I'm not considering this a final release, but I feel that I'm getting pretty close to a 1.0 status application. I still need to solve some problems with columns disappearing and make configuration of the page header links automatic. Once these remaining bugs are worked out, 1.0 will exist. Features slated for 2.0:

  • Proper length columns
  • Web based configuration of feeds
  • Packaging goodness
  • Some cool feature using AJAX? Search?
Additional feature requests should be submitted to synack >at<

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