More rebuilding/Summer of Code - Days 05 - 08


Good news! Google had a cache of the last few blog entries, so I have recovered and posted them here. Unfortunately, any links that existed inside the posts are gone (and a lot of the information is outdated already). Just a few quick clarifications: The subversion repository is up and running with more than just the ietfnotify project, I can be reached through jabber at until I get a new jabber server up, and I will be posting daily progress (with a few missing days) from now on.

A quick overview of what's been going on with ietfnotify:

  • Domain and Inet sockets are working (selected via a config file)
  • Incoming events are parsed into a usable structure
  • Events are checked for required fields based on a config file
  • A new UUID is generated for every event
  • Files containing the processed event data are generated and named after their UUID
  • Events are timestamped in proper RFC3339 format
  • Packets are handled properly so that netcat can be used for debugging
  • KeyboardInterrupts are handled properly
If you want to see detailed information about the changes, take a look at the changelog.

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