Internet access in the middle of nowhere


Now that I'm back in Corning, I face a problem that was never an issue at RIT... I no longer have ubiquitous access to the internet via wifi. Instead, I am relegated to no more than three (legal) public access points in town. For this reason, I've been researching prepaid cell phones and their data capabilities. I've come to the conclusion that Boost Mobile will fit the bill. They offer unlimited data at $0.20 USD a day and you only get charged on days you use it.

Their cheapest phone, a Motorola i415 also has builtin GPS that could allow me to do some nifty stuff in the future. The phone goes for $49.99 USD and Amazon lists multiple resellers that have a USB data cable for $4.73 USD. Boost puts $10 on your account at activation so if I only use the phone for data, I'll be able to use it for 50 days. Not a bad deal.

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