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Hi, this is my site. Thank you for all of the feedback! I can address a few of the issues you've raised...

Missing some products. This is a known bug in how I'm currently importing product data from Amazon's API. Some products are listed with variations that appear on the same product page but are completely separate products in Amazon's catalog. There's no way to get the API to return all of the variations at once, so I have to perform several subrequests to enumerate those. Currently, that doesn't happen. However, I'm in the process of reworking a lot of the data import code to use the new PA-API 5.0 and am planning to make variations work properly with those changes.

Filter by products sold by Amazon. Initially, was set to filter out products not sold by Amazon, but I received quite a bit of feedback asking me to remove that filter as some of the best deals are from resellers. The new PA-API does have a populated Merchant field for most products, so I may try to expose that.

Display prices including shipping costs. This is addressed in the FAQ, but it really comes down to privacy. I'd need you to login with your Amazon account or give me your location in order to compute tax and shipping information and I really don't want the burden of handling PII.

Clicking the Back button does weird things. This is a bug. Whenever you change a filter, a bit of JavaScript updates the URL in your address bar so that you can copy/paste a link to the page you're looking at with the current filters and send it to someone. It appears I'm not capturing the Back event and updating the filters to match the address bar. I'll get this fixed soon.

External SSD category is missing. Up until the last few months, there really weren't many external SSDs for sale on Amazon, but it looks like this is definitely becoming it's own product category, so I'll add it.

Add Funny story, had support for Amazon Japan when I first launched it, but they suspended my account and sent an email telling me why, written in japanese. Google Translate couldn't make any sense of the email and I'd had some significant data quality issues with the filters, so I decided not to pursue it further. This is the first time somebody's asked for support. I'll look into setting it up again, but Amazon's added some new restrictions on API access across all regions since then, so it's a bit more difficult to get new regions added now.

Account for per-port cost in calculating prices. This is something I've been thinking about for a while. I think this feature ends up looking a lot like pcpartpicker, with a constraint solver bolted on the side... Given a set of parameters for total capacity, redundancy, bandwidth, etc, optimize for the best price/performance. I currently don't have enough metadata about most of the drives to implement this properly and it's a big feature to develop, but it's something I want to experiment with eventually.

Again, thank you all for the feedback!

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