Daily Grind


Despite the length of my average day, I seem to be holding things together pretty well at the moment. For the last hour or so I've been working on my Research Paper on the United States Secret Service. I am beginning to realize that there may actually be interesting subject material outside the major technical engineering fields (Computing, Aerospace, and Architecture). Did you know that the Secret Service was originally created to combat counterfeiting? At the time the Secret Service was formed, an estimated one-third of all currency in circulation was estimated to be counterfeit. Did you know that the Secret Service is the only government agency to require tassels on your shoes as part of the dress code? I don't think anybody else could get away with that... Not even TLC.

I've been reading through the Wireless Hacks book that I mentioned this morning. I'm about halfway through it and am learning some really interesting stuff. I particularly like the idea of using a Bluetooth cell phone to control your media player however, no programs that actually do this have been written for Windows yet. Although it wouldn't be very difficult to hack it up as long as you could hook into the Bluetooth events interface. I already know from previous experience (quick hack) that the APIs on Winamp are open to development so it can definitely be done on that end. Yet another interesting idea that I will never pursue provided that I don't have access to a Bluetooth cell phone or computer. Oh well.

Don was wandering around the office earlier and sat down at my desk to flip through the Wireless Hacks book. He also managed to take a peek at my laptop which was running BlackBox at the time. I asked him if he knew a way to lock the system with BlackBox without using XScreensaver. He pointed me towards an archaic program called xlock. As it turns out, XScreensaver was actually derived from xlock although I think xlock has a much simpler interface (you run it from a command line with an argument specifying the screensaver you want).

At lunch, we played Half-Life: Counter-Strike and switched to the Rocket Crowbar mod halfway through the hour. I really started to kick ass with that crowbar. I probably got a good 8 or 9 frags with the crowbar alone. Not to mention a few well placed satchel charges and a few of those little bugs that shoot lasers. It sounds like I'm crazy but it's true! If you haven't tried this one, it's definitely worth some attention.

In Biology class we split open some muscles and looked at it through the microscope. This is the kind of thing that makes me wonder why it's a required course. Did I really learn anything from this other than where to find the anus on a muscle? No. I don't see how that will ever become useful to me in life. Go figure.

Last night I got into a cleaning frenzy and moved everything in my bedroom around. I can't wait to get home to where I can lie down in my bed and curl up with a good wireless signal. Life is good.

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