Current projects


After some much needed rest and catching up on schoolwork, I'm back to working on some of my own projects this weekend. At the advice of Potter, a CSH alumni, I went to Wal-Mart, bought a $10 UHF antenna and connected it to my MythTV box. So far, the results have been great! A quick channel scan was all I needed to get ten channels, double the number of channels I was getting with QAM256 over Time Warner Cable.

I've finished adding NNTP support to pynewspaper and am using it on a daily basis. The new version of the code is available from the repository. My list of features I gave in my Sept. 6th post are still in the works. Earlier today I started playing with Kismet and it's drone functionality on a WRT54GL for the purpose of sniffing out rogue access points. This is not an extremely useful feature in a dorm environment where the 2.4 GHz spectrum has more noise than the city zoo in the middle of an earthquake, but the ability to passively seek out malicious users will be a very effective skill in a corporate environment.

Most recently, I've been tweaking this blog's layout and updating a few things. I'll post again if anything significant is added.

Next post - pynewspaper updates