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The last time I posted here was on move-in day. It seems like so long ago. What's happened since then? I found a shop called Computer Renaissance that sells used Apple hardware. They sold me a Blue and White G3 tower and a Bondi Blue iMac on my birthday, definitely worth my time. I've got Debian running on both of them now and am working on getting Apache/PHP/MySQL setup correctly on the G3.

Classes have been pretty good. I placed into Computer Science 2 which equates to Advanced Java Programming. I think it's exactly where I should be. Some of it is review for me, but enough of it is new to keep me interested. The professor, Paul Tymann, also happens to be the author of the textbook for the class, so he knows what he's talking about. The labs here are nice. Sun UltraSparc III workstations are a nice platform for Java programming.

I have media on my mind these days. Delivery systems, production, content forms, etc. and I'm starting to realize that it doesn't matter what form the content comes in, as long as it's something people want to learn, see, do, there'll be a loyal audience present. Take podcasts for example... The TWiT podcast is unofficially the #1 podcast available. Why? They have content that people want; conversations about technology that aren't just howto sessions. The audience doesn't care if it's audio, video, text, or a holodeck because the content is worth their time.

So, I can get just about any kind of content I want in just about any form in a matter of minutes. Whether it be a podcast on my iPod or a fan fiction ebook on my PocketPC or Laptop. The delivery form has been separated from the content, allowing the average person access to a broader variety of content than every possible before. It even allows the average person to create their own content to share with the world, at their discretion.

Not quite sure where I was going with that, but you see my point. Well, I'm off to aid in an act of anonymous piracy (don't worry, I'm not the motivating factor, just a technical assistant without any awareness of the legitimacy of the content)

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