Amazon Product Advertising API tips


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Yeah, this is my site. I do use the PA API to get pricing information. There's a few things to be aware of if you plan to do something similar.

If you create a new affiliate account, they won't give you an API key until you've referred at least three sales within 90 days. This needs to be done separately for each region.

Once you have an API key, the operating agreement limits what you can do with the data quite a bit, and they do check... Near as I can tell, they have some bots that flag things like outdated prices and give you a week to correct it and send an appeal. Only then does a human look at your site.

They also rate limit your requests to the API starting at 1 request per second and 8640 requests per day. They raise your limit based on 30-day trailing referral revenue, which means you have to write your code with the assumption that you might be subject to the minimum rate limit.

They have some pretty specific rules for "comparison" sites that show prices from multiple places, which I avoid by only displaying Amazon's prices.

Otherwise it's pretty straightforward. They just finished deprecating their old XML-based API yesterday and only support the 5.0 API now. It's more consistent with other modern AWS APIs, but removed a bunch of product detail fields that the old API had. Most of those fields were rarely populated anyway.

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